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About us

Clapp is a first-of-its-kind seamless platform where businesses from a vast array of industries can have access to a range of PR & marketing services all the while forming an exclusive fully-digitized members-only elite community in parallel, where influencers, media personalities, and other invited members can benefit from exclusive perks & benefits in exchange for coverage or other case-by-case requirements.


Resembling today’s fast-paced & on-demand PR & marketing needs, Clapp is an application which follows a typically barter-based business model allowing business to benefit from reducing overall in-house PR and marketing spending whilst getting greater ROI. Businesses will be able to track the coverage, exposure, and engagement they receive through the platform via user-friendly interactive interfaces, whilst influencers and members will be able to track the value of the redemptions they’ve made as well as the savings they’ve achieved by utilizing Clapp’s exclusive perks & benefits. 

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