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I waved my hand over the table, inviting new bets, but Rose was in no hurry.

You don't need him, and you don't need him

She looked at Lyoshka, who was not interested in our conversation and continued to admire his unshaven physiognomy, smiled mysteriously and nodded in his direction:

- With him, you could, dear, take a break from passions for a couple of months, calm your heart. He nice and he likes you. Although - this is also not yours yet ... not yours.

Well, here I could agree with her - this is definitely not mine, and I don’t even agree for a couple of months, and it doesn’t matter who he secretly likes there. Judging by Leshkin's magazines, lying all over the "hangout", his taste preferences lie in the range of Pamela Anderson's parameters. I am far from these numbers, especially the first, top one.



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