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Dubai’s success story as a world leader in modernization has earned the city great international distinction, but the rich and delicious Emirati and Khaleeji cuisine remains unknown to many. Logma is all about changing that.

Our story is born out of the desire to share with the world, the rich Emirati and Khaleeji cuisine. It is our own way of sharing our culture and serving it to you with the memories that keep the taste of tradition alive. The Logma experience is one to be had at any time of the day, always having something to enliven your taste buds in a traditional Khaleeji setting.

Freshly prepared every day, our sweet and savory dishes hold the pulse of the city at their heart and will make every bite feel like home and finally introduce the Khaleeji cuisine, making it more accessible and casual to the locals, expats and tourists while exposing it as an urbanized setting.

With its friendly and authentic identity, taking from various architectural and cultural elements, it becomes easier for everyone to relate to the rich history of Dubai and the region. The atmosphere adds to the experience with its warm and sandy colors, as well as visual references based on the magnificent nature of the Khaleeji countries; you’ll spot hints of camels, traditional Khaleeji architecture, and palm leave patterns in every corner ensuring your visit is a complete trip of the senses. Our next move will be to introduce the Khaleeji pride to the rest of the world!


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