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What is Clapp

Clapp is a powerful business suite that enables you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers' behavior and spending patterns, and gives you the tools you need to optimize your operations, improve your customer service, and increase loyalty and satisfaction through cutting-edge solutions


One Platform, all you need

Reservation and Table Management 

Seamlessly blend technology and hospitality with Clapp reservation and table management tool, a powerful guest management platform that seamlessly integrates data insights to amplify revenue, foster brand loyalty, and curate memorable guest experience.

Influencer Marketing

Clapp PR & Marketing mobile application gives businesses access to high caliber and pre-vitted influencers to collaborate with on barter-bases perks and benefits for an exchange for social media coverages.

Digital Mystery Shopper

Clapp's digital mystery shopper services helps you understand your customer services and sales efficiency through powerful reporting tools and professional mystery shoppers.

Exclusive Membership Club

A first of its kind exclusive and digital membership club connects businesses from a vast array of industries to an elite, fully-digitized members-only community.


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